Top Three TRINSPIRATION™ Phrases of 2012

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It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when all of the critics release their Top Ten Lists. Of course, there is the ubiquitous Top Ten Movies for the year, coupled with the Top Ten Albums. And in many fields you will find the Top Ten Athletes, Top Ten Authors, etc. Since launching and releasing our first TRINSPIRATION™ book, Recognize Your Significance, I thought it appropriate to pick my Top Ten TRINSPIRATION™ phrases from the year. Having been collecting these pithy aphorisms for over 13 years, I decided to limit myself to choosing the phrases that I had discovered this year that had come from a commercial source, i.e. a book, advertising slogan, television, blog, etc. I allowed myself one exception to that rule and chose one phrase from Coach Eric Bell, Head Coach of the Texas Christian University Women’s Soccer team. I’ll get to it in a minute.


What I decided to do instead of blogging individually about each one of my Top Ten TRINSPIRATION™ phrases in this blog, is to give you my honorable mention of the top four through ten slogans and reserving the rest of the blog for my three favorites. I will most likely hit the other seven individually in the New Year as each one of them spoke to me on different levels. But for now, here are my honorable mentions:


10.         Act Your Wage (Dave Ramsey, Radio Host)

9.         Rekindle the Joy (Starbucks)

8.         Value the Ball (Coach Eric Bell TCU Women’s Soccer Coach)

7.          Chase What Matters (Chase Bank)

6.         See the Reaching (Zig Ziglar)

5.         Find Your Voice (Toastmasters)

4.         Criticize by Creating (Michelangelo via Author Mark Batterson)


And now here are my Top Three Favorite TRINSPIRATION™ Phrases for 2012:


Number three: “Complicate My Life” is a phrase that I struggled with the first time I read it and for many subsequent times thereafter. The definition of a TRINSPIRATION™ phrase is that it is supposed to cause people to take positive steps on a daily basis. How could “Complicate My Life” be considered positive? However, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Author, Mark Batterson, used this phrase in his bestselling book, The Circle Maker. I finally realized that if I wanted my circle of influence to widen then my life was going to get more complicated. When I think about business leaders like the late Steve Jobs of Apple, Richard Branson of the Virgin brand, or Bill Gates of Microsoft, their lives became infinitely more complicated the more successful they became. And since I want to make a positive impact on the world, it follows that my life will become more complicated. As a side note, I DO NOT want my relationships to be labeled “It’s complicated” as seen on some social networking sites.




My number two favorite phrase is “Protect This House®” by Under Armour, the company that makes protective clothing worn under jerseys for athletes. As any good TRINSPIRATION™ phrase, this one has multiple meanings. Obviously, we need to protect our bodies which Under Armour has appropriately dubbed “This House.” How about protecting the house called our mind? I learned very dramatically in 2009 that the one thing I could control was my thoughts. And by controlling my thoughts, I was controlling my world. “Protect This House®” is becoming my mantra for 2013 when it comes to the arena of my thoughts. I also intend to “Protect This House®” when it comes to my family. We’ll be adding a son-in-law to our family this year when our oldest daughter gets married. I want to carve out time to spend with each one of my grown children and my wife. How about you? How will you “Protect This House®” in 2013?


Under Armour Protect this House


My all time favorite TRINSPIRATION™ phrase of the year comes from Verizon. From the first time I saw “Rule the Air,” I knew this was destined to become a “keeper.” I’m sure the marketing execs at Verizon wanted to woo customers by hinting that their plans were better than any other cellular company’s plan and would thereby help them “Rule the Air” in their business or private domain.


Rule the Air


For me, I understand that there is something to be said for ruling the atmosphere in the places where I live and work. Years ago, we went on vacation and asked a friend to stay at our apartment. When we came back, he told me that there was a real sense of peace when he stepped over the threshold into our home. I have learned the words that I speak have real power to affect the air around me. Music also has that effect. If one plays peaceful music, then the atmosphere takes on an aura of tranquility. Conversely, if loud, dissonant music with screaming vocals is allowed to resound in a room, it will have the opposite effect. So in closing, I hope that you will “Rule the Air,” where you live and work as you “Protect This House” and as you become more successful this year that it will “Complicate Your Life” in a good way.


Recognizing Your Significance,


Rodney Johnson

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