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on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 | Category: Sports

Kevin Ware was the final Louisville player to get to
The NCAA men’s national basketball championship is over and Louisville has the bragging rights as the #1 college basketball team in the nation. What a ride the Cardinals took their fans on! Who could forget when Kevin Ware landed on his leg wrong and broke his tibia in the Elite 8 game against Duke. In the final four game against Wichita State, the Cardinals came back from being down 12 points to win 68 to 72. Basketball was such a part of my life growing up. My father, Hal Johnson, played Division One basketball for Missouri University for one season and another season for Jonesboro State in Arkansas. From the time I was in first grade until I graduated from high school, every February he took me to the Missouri State Basketball Championships. I remember one game that went into four overtimes. Emotions and tensions were so high that the cheerleaders started fainting and had to be carried out. Last night’s game was no different. Emotions were high as the season culminated in this final showdown game. But getting to the Dance, as they call it, required strategic planning starting in some cases years before.

Plant Your Feet

on Wednesday, January 02, 2013 | Category: Sports

I was captured by the first three words of Lisa Osteen Comes’ post on her public Facebook page today 1/1/2013. Those words were, of course, a TRINSPIRATION™ phrase that got me thinking about my dad coaching me on my first basketball team in fifth grade. So what was the phrase? “Plant Your Feet.” This command has three pertinent meanings when preparing for a basketball game. In thinking about my dad’s coaching me and later his grandson, Dane Watts, he told us to plant our feet for the following reasons:

Build Your Game-The Mall Part 4

Written by Rodney Johnson on Monday, December 03, 2012 | Category: Sports

Build Your Game-The Mall Part 4
My hour at the mall found me leaving Sports Authority and heading to Champs. They had a BIG, BOLD TRINSPIRATION™ phrase on their front window—“Build Your Game.” Building your game and playing the game you set out to play seems interchangeable to me. Therefore, I’m including “Week 40” from my book, Recognize Your Significance, “Play Your Game.” By the way, when I wrote this TRINSPIRATION, my nephew really was in high school. Now he has graduated from Creighton University and has played professional basketball for four seasons in Germany. I’m ready for Golden State, the Clippers, or the Spurs to bring him back to the US and play in the NBA. Be on the lookout for Dane Watts.


Set the Pace-The Mall Part 3

Written by Rodney Johnson on Friday, November 30, 2012 | Category: Sports

Set the Pace-The Mall Part 3
As I continued to meander around the store, I saw Peyton Manning’s mug on a poster, surrounded by a group of children, with the TRINSPIRATION™ phrase, “Set the Pace.” As I mentioned in my post, “Build Your Arsenal,” all of these sports TRINSPIRATIONs will “preach.” The fact that they were advertising the Reebok Ziglite’s children’s shoe only reinforced the slogan, “Set the Pace.” Children have a tendency to start out too fast in races and become winded and many times don’t finish what they have started. This is not limited to athletic contests either. Haven’t we all made lofty New Year’s resolutions to lose those 20 pounds or learn to speak Spanish, only to run out of steam because we started too fast and didn’t set a realistic pace?

Take Every Advantage-The Mall Part 2

Written by Rodney Johnson on Thursday, November 29, 2012 | Category: Sports

Take Every Advantage-The Mall Part 2
In my scouring out the sporting goods stores at the mall, I noticed Nike’s poster with Erica Moore whose TRINSPIRATION™ was “Take Every Advantage.” My first thought was Is this something that I want to communicate to my children? The reason I thought that is somehow it almost sounded unfair. However, upon further contemplation, I realized that Nike was not advocating taking advantage of other people but to use every opportunity to your advantage that comes along.

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If there is a secret to success, it just might be little things done well.
John Wooden

On page 90-91 of Recognize Your Significance "Play Your Game"

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